about Rudder “We trust you owing to your professionalism”

Zhoushan Rudder manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Rudder company profile

Rudder Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a joint-stock system enterprise, providing professional steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment and technical services. It is also a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise engaged in innovation, development, manufacturing and international business. Our main productions are steel anti-corrosion equipment, field engineering equipment and plastic pipe extruder. Ninbo Rudder Machinery Co.,Ltd and Zhoushan Rudder Machinery Co.,Ltd are two our company’s subsidiaries.

After several decades of innovation and application, Rudder's steel pipe anti-corrosion equipment has full upgraded and become more humanized, specialized and automatic. Now, our equipment is leading in the world and top-class in China. We conform to the development direction of modern anti-corrosion equipment.

Moreover, from conceptual design to real application, from simple equipment to full automatic system, we have excellent ability of providing turnkey project and system solutions.



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